marine offer

S-Tech trade offer

We have a wide range of marine devices spare parts in our trade offer. We provide spare parts for:

  • ⇒ Sulzer Cegielski aux. engine types: AL20/24, AL25/30, ATL25/30, ASL25/30, S20
  • ⇒ B&W Cegielski aux. and main engines
  • ⇒ Cegielski compressors types: SE-160A, SC-115, SF-125
  • ⇒ WUCH DĘBICA compressors type W92, D58 and others
  • ⇒ Hydroster (IMO) pumps
  • ⇒ GZUT, SFUP, Hydro-Vacuum water pumps
  • ⇒ Elmor, Famor, Sezamor, Warma, FUO Rumia, Klimor, PBUCH
  • ⇒ other marine equipment